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About Us: Artemis Memorial And Cremation Ash Jewellery

It all started with Jack ...

I'm a jeweller by trade and choice. For nigh on 30 years I have been working in the jewellery trade ... its what I love.

I recently lost a beloved member of my family and, after a time, it occured to me that I needed to combine my memories of my treasured Jack with something I could keep with me during the day and beside me at night so it would be the first thing I saw when I awoke.

After months of thought and failed experiment (and a few successes) I finally came up with the concept: a solid silver pendant, made in Britain by me and hallmarked as such, which encases treasured ashes bonded to a layer of finest natural rock crystal. I learned I could tint ashes with mineral colour pigments, and finally I saw something I loved, and that I call the "Ash-Gem".

Ash Gem Pendant, Sapphire Tint

With further work, I have discovered I could also use the same method to bond other materials such as soil or sand, DNA keepsakes like breast milk and hair or fur and even flower petals, leaves and fabric to natural gemstones. Also, I was able to modify some of my pendants to receive special insets which fully or partially cover the bonded material. These I call "Phoenix-Gem".

It changed my life

I wanted to share my discovery with everyone who knew the pain of loss and would be, as I had been, comforted by wearing a well designed jewel containing a most precious cargo close to their heart. The picture to the right above is one with my beloved Jack's ashes inside made into an Ash-Gem.


Vanessa Anthony (Director)

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Vanessa picture

Once described by an article in Red Magazine, as 'A woman obsessed by jewellery'

Vanessa initially worked as a jewellery historian, making it her life's work to learn about different styles of jewellery and ornament from around the world, across mankind's time on earth. She then trained as a jeweller and then later lectured at Central St. Martins and is considered one of the world's leading jewellery design historians.

Working as a celebrity stylist specialising in jewellery for many A list celebrities and jewellery historian appearing on TV and writing columns and articles in various magazines, broadsheets and tabloids she has spent many years globe trotting and collecting. From Notting Hill to the Atlas mountains of Morocco and beyond, her travels have given her a multitude of tiny beautiful objects, ancient beads, stones, vintage and antique jewellery.

20 years ago, she began creating the kind of modern collectible jewellery she would like to wear. Inspired by everything from modern art, to ancient culture, Vanessa created bespoke couture jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings in silver, gold, platinum and palladium which attracted a dedicated circle of clients who love the way that her jewellery design is so original, unique and infinitely wearable. An unfortunate accident some years ago and subsequent illness has meant that Vanessa no longer works at the bench but is avaiable in an advisory capacity and remains a Director of Artemis. Hers and husband Stuart's personal loss changed her life and she created the world's first ashes into natural gemstone jewellery. It is her unrivalled experience and expertise that has made Artemis Memorial And Cremation Ash Jewellery so special.

Vanessa's husband Stuart, a jewellery CAD designer (computer aided design) of unrivalled experience, and Chris Senior, jewellery production manager, are the other founder Directors. They are responsible for the day to day running of Artemis.

Whilst most other jewellery now is produced by the thousand and churned out in developing countries to maximise profits for their owners and designers - ours is made in a small rural workshop by British craftsmen, with love, consideration and care - and we want to stay that way, so we will never compromise qaulity or workmanship. We want our jewels to belong to you, your children and grandchildren, much as jewels used to, heirlooms passed from one generation to the next with love.

More importantly, all our jewellery is designed and manufactured here in the UK where we employ trained UK goldsmiths to work with us. If something is special to you, you deserve to know exactly where and how it was made and by whom. In a world where we don't tolerate blood diamonds or dirty gold, we feel you shouldn't have to guess about the origins of your jewellery. All life is unique and special, made with love. We make our jewellery that way too. We don't compromise so you shouldn't either.

All we want you to do is enjoy your memorial jewellery for what they are - pendants, charms, rings and earrings with personal meaning, designed and made with the care Vanessa has always been proud to provide.