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Cremation Ashes Jewellery Made From The Ashes Of Loved Ones

This page is for human ashes jewellery - click here for Pet Ashes Jewellery

The loss of a loved one is devastating and leaves us numb for months or even years. Here at Artemis we can offer a wide choice of well designed, handmade cremation ash jewellery made from loved one's ashes which serve as the most special of remembrances, keeping those we love close to our hearts and minds. No matter what personal material you would like to incorporate into your memorial jewellery: cremation ashes, soil or sand from a grave or a memorable place or even hair; we can work with all of them. We send guides on how you collect materials to you in your pack when you order. You can see our jewellery at our participating partners or our high street shop


Your memories are as special to us as our own

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Frequently asked questions

How much do you need? We don't need much at all, a couple of heaped teaspoons is enough

Is it OK to mix samples? Yes, samples can be mixed from any number of sources - its probably best if you send them separately and we mix them

Can everything have the same colour tints? Ash, soil and sand all take up the tints similarly. Hair is best left natural

What happens to the material you don't use? We return all unused material to you with your finished jewellery

Can you take my sample? We would be pleased to help you take ash samples, but you would have to travel to our premises or one of our partner's premeises. Other samples you would need to take yourself or ask your undertaker to help.

How do I get my sample to you? If you can't visit us, we send you a pack which has all the information you need to collect samples and return them correctly to us in compliance with the couriers terms and conditions. This will safeguard your precious material. We also have a list of undertakers and crematoria who would be able to take samples for you on our behalf

I live far away, what happens if I don't bring my sample when I visit you? That's no problem, if you decide to purchase while you are with us, we will give you one of our packs so you can send us your sample

Using your material to make the Ash-GemTM

We can use a number of materials including cremation ashes, soil or sand from a grave or favourite place and hair. No matter what material you send, the resultant gem we make is always called the "Ash-GemTM".

Each Ash-Gem forms a tiny pattern unique to your material; a mosaic which can never be repeated and is protected and magnified by its bonded rock crystal or white sapphire to make the Ash-Gem Rock Crystal or Ash-Gem White Sapphire. The very nature of cremation ash is that even the colour pigment is taken up differently for each sample and therefore each Ash-Gem has a different tone of the base colour (please note: due to the nature of hair or fur, we do not advise coloured tints so it is only available as natural).

The net result is a beautiful gem as unique as your loved one. If others comment on your pendant, you may choose to tell them about your Ash-Gem, but if you don't want to it simply appears as a beautiful and unique stone in a quality, well designed and elegant pendant which you can wear every day.

Ash-Gem Cremation Ash Pendant

Aurora and Teardrop pendants machine
engraved with name or date

Our Ash-Gem and Phoenix-Gem jewellery are perfectly desigined to hold unique remembrances of your loved ones. Whether you choose a necklace pendant, a ring, charms or earrings, each one can hold your treasured memories safely every day. Each peice of jewellery can be selected in any precious metal and with one of 12 colour tints allowing you to choose your's or your loved one's favourite colour or birthstone (hair is not tinted)- for more information see our colour tint section, Phoenix-GemTM and Stones We Can Use below. below.

Additionally we can incorporate an engraving on most of our jewellery, and you might choose to personalize your piece with a sentiment reflecting how you best remember your loved one - it might be their name, a special word or phrase. Our engraved jewellery does not necessarily have to have our Ash-Gem within it made from the keepsakes in the infobox, it can be a simple medal or tag we can supply and engrave for you (coming soon).

We make cremation ash jewellery and memorial jewellery with the design and quality you would expect from a mainstream designer, providing a wide selection in our range with matching pieces at various price points which means there are several choices for you to select from.

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Ash-Gem Cremation Ash Colour Tints

How the Ash-GemTM works

The Ash-Gem comes in 12 colour tints:
(NB: hair is available as natural colour only)

    Amethyst (purple)

    Aquamarine (light blue)

    Citrine (yellow)

    Diamond (white silvery sparkle)

    Emerald (deep green sparkle)

    Golden Topaz (gold sparkle)

    Onyx (black)

    Opal (green/blue)

    Pearl (white/fawn)

    Peridot (light green)

    Ruby (red)

    Sapphire (deep blue)

    And also natural (no tint)

    Finally - hair available as natural only


Simply choose your favourite colour, or the colour of your loved one's birthstone - there are many different birthstone charts, traditional, ancient, modern, zodiac, astrological, etc that allow for different stones to be chosen. We have compiled a table of the most common for you below

Birthstone Month
Ruby, Amethyst
Aquamarine, Sapphire
Diamond, Sapphire
Rose Quartz
Pearl, Moonstone
Carnelian, Sardonyx
Peridot, Citrine
Green Tourmaline
Aquamarine, Opal
Pink Tourmaline
Golden Topaz
Blue Topaz, Garnet

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Stones we can use


We use Ash-Gem Rock Crystal in all our pendants and earrings as standard. Our rings and charms use Ash-Gem White Sapphire.

rock crystal

Rock Crystal Quartz is said to be crystal whose features can be more closely connected to the spiritual worlds than any other. A talisman of our most ancient ancestors, it is said that rock crystal emboldens its wearer, protects from bad dreams, removes stress, reduces headache and fever, helps to treat insomnia, simply place a piece of Rock Crystal under your pillow. Drinking from a crystal cup is said to protect from toothache. Rock Crystal also is said to help respiratory tract diseases in crystal healing therapies. Whatever the case for its alleged spiritual and healing properties, we use natural rock crystal to make Ash-Gem Rock Crystal for its durability, adaptability and beauty in your pendant.

rock crystal

White Sapphire is a precious stone and one of the hardest stones used in jewellery. We use it in jewellery when the risk of damage is high, such as with rings and charms on bracelets. Sapphires were beleived to be the most powerful stones such that, in Greek and Roman legends, they thought the world was "set" on a giant blue sapphire and its reflection painted the sky blue. As it is a precious stone it carries a premium which is why we use lab grown white sapphire as standard, which is exactly the same as natural sapphire in composition and properties, but at an affordable cost. We can source natural sapphire and quote should you want us to. To make our rings and charms suitable for everyday wear, we use Ash-Gem White Sapphire

rock crystal

Moonstone has a property which catches the light and casuses a schiller to appear on the surface called adularescence. This scattering of the light is reminiscent of moonbeams through a veil of clouds in dusky hues of blue, a phenomenon that led some cultures to believe the stone could capture moonlight within it depths. Associated with good luck and future vision, we use our Ash-Gem Moonstone in pendants to partially see your ashes or other meterial captured in the beautiful schiller of cloudy moonstones. We can also use them in rings which you don't weaar every day so your special occasions are even more special. Ash-Gem-Moonstone is available now by special request, but will feature on our website from June 2017

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What is Phoenix-GemTM. We have developed a way of bonding the materials to metals too and some of our pendants can accept our Phoenix-Gem insets within them. At the moment we only have three pendants, our 20mm Classic Round, Portrait Oval and Cameo Oval pendants that we can inset Phoenix-Gem into, but we are working on other pieces specifically for Phoenix-Gem.

With Phoenix-Gem insets, you can choose a pattern or picture which allows you to partially see the bonded material, say cremation ashes, which can still be tinted to the colours we have shown above. This give the effect of a picture in a frame in the pendant. Below is a rotating image of our oval pendants inset with Phoenix-Gem.

Click the image and move your mouse left to right to rotate

When you order one of our Phoenix-GemTM pendants, you will be directed to the options you can choose for the insets.

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How To Choose And Order Your Jewellery

Each piece of jewellery we offer is displayed separately in our online catalogue, and there are choices of sterling silver, gold, platinum or palladium versions which you can choose from dropdown menus. Then you can choose your Ash-Gem colour tint if you would like one (hair is not tinted), a ring size (rings only), engraving options and Phoenix-Gem options if available. All our jewellery is made here in the UK with British sourced precious metals in our workshop where we employ highly trained goldsmiths. For you convenience you can go straight to our jewellery from the menus which appear at the top of every page and in the left column when it is available. Go To Top Menu or click these links Necklaces & Pendants - Rings - Charms - Earrings

What happens when I buy a piece of jewellery?

Once you have purchased your jewellery: if you have purchased online we will send instructions to you by post with a post paid collection pack for sending your ashes or other material(s) to us; if you have visited us, then we will either give you a pack or help you with your material collection if you have it with you. Its that simple - all you have to do is relax and wait for your beautiful jewellery to arrive or for us to tell you when its ready to collect if you have chosen to collect in person.

How long will it take?

Each piece takes 4-6 weeks (30 working days) to make by hand, using our special process for your ashes or other material, and then to have hallmarked at the London or Sheffield Assay Office where we hold sponsor marks. The clock starts ticking as soon as we receive your ashes. In reality they usually don't take that long, but we are sometimes at the mercy of backlogs at the Assay Office or public holidays and so on. Please note: if you decide to leave your ashes or purchase through one of our partnering funeral directors or crematoria, the process could be up to 15 working days (3 weeks) longer.

If you wish, you can use our helpdesk to contact us at any time to get a progress report. We will however keep you informed at various points during the process which trigger our chain of custody and when your jewellery is posted back to you, and provide you with tracking details.

Your guarantee of quality and diligence

Your jewellery has been designed and made in our workshop from 925 Sterling Silver sourced from UK bullion dealers and stones from UK gem dealers, and all the work to secure your Ash-Gem in the pendant is carried out by our skilled jewellers in our workshop promoting British trade and employment. Even though the some of our pieces' weight is below the legal requirement for hallmarking, we hallmark every piece and the quality of the silver is assured by the London or Sheffield Assay Office with our sponsor mark included, the 925, 375, 750 or 950 stamps for each precious metal purity we use, the London Lion or Sheffield Rose, and British lion of assay quality.

Shipping and postage

All postal fees are covered in the price you pay including the cost of sending our collection pack to you, your material to us and the return of your jewellery to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Insured. Any unused material will be returned to you with your jewellery

What you need to know about your Artemis jewellery

All our jewellery is designed to be water resistant, but not water tight. We therefore do not recommend wearing your jewellery in the shower, or bath or for swimming or bathing, washing up, etc.

Like all jewellery, we also recommend that you avoid spray perfume of other aerosols on it. Whilst this is unlikely to actually hurt your pendant, it does build up and create a layer of residues which are hard to remove wthout professional cleaning. If you treat your Artemis jewellery with love and care it will bring you many years of comfort.


As your purchase is a handmade quality piece of jewellery made in Britain, we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with your Artemis jewellery and will not wish to be parted from it. We do allow 14 days from the receipt of your jewellery to examine and satisfy yourself that your piece is not faulty but, should your jewellery be reasonably found to be not of satisfactory quality or not fit for purpose, it can be fully refunded (including any postage that you incurred to send it back to us limited to the cost of Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm Next Day at the time of sending insured to the value of your memorial jewellery), repaired or re-made as required by you completely free of charge.

However, since all our jewellery is "made to order" and personalised using your material, the standard 14 day EU distance selling rules are exempted for "non faulty returns". This means that a piece cannot simply be returned due to a change of mind. For returns made after 30 days, we will repair or remake your pendant should it be found to be faulty. All returns to us require the item to be sent back with a completed returns form which we will send to you with the item. If you do not have one, it can be downloaded from your account under "orders". You are responsible for the cost of postage, for which we recommend a tracked and insured method requiring a signature. Since your material is in the jewellery, you might want to use a method that best insures them. If you start the returns process within the 14 day period of approval and do not wish for us to remake or repair the pendant, we will endeavour to return your material to you though the bonding process could mean that some cannot be recovered.


As your Artemis jewellery is so precious, we will guarantee parts and workmanship for life. This means that we will replace anything that we supplied to you if it is found to be defective in material quality or workmanship while the company is still trading.

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