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Using your material to make the MamaMilk-GemTM

We at Artemis, wanted to help celebrate and encapsulate the bond of motherhood, and so developed "MamaMilk-Gem", a fusion of breastmilk and natural gemstone - breastmilk preserved forever, and bonded to a precious gemstone. We can offer our Milk-Gem bonded to both natural quartz, or natural sapphire, and even moonstone. We send guides on how you collect materials to you in your pack when you order. You can see our jewellery at our high street shop.

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How To Buy Breastmilk Jewellery
What Happens When You Buy Our Jewellery

We send you a special pack which is suitable for the carriage of your breast milk to us. For UK customers, this pack is free within the price paid and has a UK postal return paid for label. For clients outside the UK, the cost of the postage only is charged for our collection pack sent by Royal Mail International Tracked And Signed 6-10 working day service, and the cost of the return to us is borne by the client.

Every milk sample is different, due to its nutritional complexity. This means that whilst some Milk-Gems are white, others will be creamy or even yellow - there is no normal colour. Choose to have your MamaMilk-Gem in its natural state, with our “diamond” sparkle, or tinted with one of our 12 signature colours - whichever you choose, you know your precious cargo is encapsulated just for you, and only for you in your MamaMilk-Gem.

If others comment on your pendant, you may choose to tell them about your Milk-Gem, but if you don't want to it simply appears as a beautiful and unique stone in a quality, beautifully designed and elegant piece of jewellery which you can wear every day.

How to choose your MamaMilk-GemTM

The MamaMilk-Gem comes in 12 colour tints

Ash-Gem Cremation Ashes Colour Tints separator

Simply choose your favourite colour, or the colour of your loved one's birthstone from the dropdown menus when you order.

There are many different birthstone charts, traditional, ancient, modern, zodiac, astrological, etc that allow for different stones to be chosen. We have compiled a table of the most common for you in our colour tints page

Cremation Ashes Jewellery Colour Tints
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All our jewellery can be made with any British hallmark standard precious metal. You can choose your metal: sterling silver, 9ct gold (yellow, white and red), 18ct gold (yellow, white and red) or platinum and your Ash-Gem tint colour from the dropdown menus when you order your jewellery

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Phoenix-GemTM Insets

With Phoenix-Gem insets, you can choose a pattern or picture which allows you to partially see the bonded material, say cremation ashes, which can still be tinted to the colours we have shown above. This gives the effect of a picture in a frame in the pendant.

Currently we have three pendants, our 20mm Classic Round, Portrait Oval and Cameo Oval pendants that can accept Phoenix-Gem insets, but we are working on other pieces specifically for Phoenix-Gem.

Click the image and move your finger left to right to rotate

When you order one of our Phoenix-GemTM pendants, you will be directed to the options you can choose for the insets.

Read more about Phoenix-Gem here

Keepsake Jewellery Insets
Artemis Phoenix-GemTM Insets


Our jewellery can also be engraved by machine or by hand. See the information page by clicking the picture link below


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