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Engraving Your Memorial Jewellery

Most of our cremation ash jewellery can be engraved and we also sell medals and other jewellery which are designed specifically for engraving. We engrave in house using a special engraving machine and we are also able to have pieces hand engraved.

The different types of engraving

Engraving on jewellery is a specific art as, unlike cups and plaques, everything is always tiny and close work in a rather small space. Our standard engraving method uses our in house Pantograph which produces excellent results using a normal, straight capitalised font and an ornate italic font. Unlike some laser and pen style engraving techniques, it provides better resistance to wear similar to that of seal engraving. It is also quite cost effective with average costs of less than £25

We can also have pieces specially hand engraved. Hand engraving, sometimes known as "seal engraving" (not to be confused with rotary pen engraving or any other rotary tool), is an art which has very few practitioners left in the UK due to the popularity of laser engraving over the last 20 years or so. Seal engraing produces very fine and detailed results which means you can often fit quite a lot into small spaces. It also allows a much larger choice of fonts and styles and even bespoke graphics. Again, this type of engraving is very resistant to wear. We only use the best, and our seal engraver engraves for the All England Club (Wimbledon). Costs start at around £30-£40.

Engraving on our pendants, charms and rings

Classic 10mm Cremation Ash pendant
Classic 10mm Cremation Ash Earrings
Eternity Cremation Ash Pendant
Teardrop Cremation Ash Pendant
Round Cremation Ash Charm
Heart Ashes pendant
Heart Ashes pendant
Heart Ashes pendant

Our small pendants and charms shown left from top to bottom:

Classic Round 10mm Pendant,
Classic Round 10mm Drop Earrings,
Eternity Pendant,
Teardrop Pendant,
Round 10mm Charm,
Heart Pendant,
Round Cufflinks,
Oval Cufflinks

These can all be engraved for £12 per piece using our in house Pantograph Engraver. Usually we can engrave up to 6 characters for a name or 8 characters for a date. Typically we have engraved names such as JAMES, NICK, JACK or DAD, MUM, etc. Dates have the short format, e.g. 23.2.16 . Initials can be more ornate with the oblique font.

With hand engraving, this could be increased up to 20 characters depending on style from £30 or a detailed seal style pictoral engraving from around £80.

Engraved Cremation Ash Pendants Silver
Classic 14mm Cremation Ash Pendant

Our medium Classic 14mm Pendant will comfortably fit 15-20 characters depending on font and word length using our Pantograph Engraver. Hand engraving, approx 40 characters. Prices from £12 for machine engraving and from £30 for hand engraving

Engraved Cremation Ash 14mm Pendant Silver
Classic 20mm Cremation Ash Pendant

The large Classic 20mm pendant will fit 20 to 25 characters comfortably using our Pantgraph Engraver. Hand engraving would increase this to over 50 characters for a short poem or phrase.

Engraved Cremation Ash Pendant Silver
Classic 20mm Cremation Ash Pendant
Classic 20mm Cremation Ash Pendant

The Aurora range of extra large pendants are ideal for engraving longer sentiments or names. Using our Pantograph engraver, we can usually comfortably engrave 30-35 characters, though with some phrases this could be increased to 50 characters.

Hand engraved, these pendants would allow for a medium poem or sentiment up to 100 characters long

Engraved Cremation Ash Pendant Gold
Oval Cremation Ash Earrings
Raindrop Diamond Cremation Ash Pendant Necklace
Raindrop Cremation Ash Pendant Necklace
Oval Cremation Ash Charm Silver Heart Ashes pendant

Our tiny earrings, pendants and charms, even though they are small, can be engraved too. Using our Pantograph engraver, we can engrave 2 or perhaps 3 initials. The charge for this is £12.

Alternatively, hand engraving would likely allow for a short name or some ornate initials from £30.

Engraved Cremation Ash Pendant Gold
Momento Cremation Ash Ring
Cremation Ash Signet Ring Heart Ashes Ring

All our rings can be engraved by hand but not using our Pantograph. The Momento wave ring can be engraved under the stone and around the shoulders of the band. The Signet Ring and Heart Ring can be engraved on the inside of the band and under the stone. Prices from £30

Engraved Cremation Ash Pendant Gold
Crenation Cremation Ash Stud Earrings Unfortunately, our stud earrings are too small to engrave

Frequently asked questions

How much will engraving cost? Our in house engraving service costs £1.50 inc. VAT per letter with a minimum charge of £12. Hand engraving starts at around £30-£40.

Why isn't engraving included in the price? We are aware that other providers include some engraving in the price. We have decided not to do this as we have a larger range of jewellery which includes smaller pieces and fine jewellery which cannot accomodate so many characters or require engraving by hand. Additionally, we prefer to provide the best jewellery of its kind at an affordable price, and we want to allow those who do not wish to have any engraving and those who want only a few characters engraved not to have to carry any in-built costs.

Can I have my piece engraved later? Yes, you can come back to us or use another provider at any time.

What happens if I want more characters than my chosen piece will allow? You can have one of our engraved discs or one of our medals to wear together with your pendant which can be engraved.

How do I order an engraving? As engraving requires you to make a permanent decision, we advise you take time to think about what sentiment you might want. Therefore ordering an engraving is done after you order your jewellery during these steps:

1. Order your jewellery first

2. We will send out our collection pack which contains everything you need to collect your material and a form for confimration of your order which includes a section about engraving referring you to this page

3. On the form, you can tell us what you would like engraved on your piece and, if necessary, we can quote for complex engravings.

4. We will recieve the form with your ashes or other materials and we will tell you the cost of the engraving separately by email. You will get an option to go ahead, change your mind or not have an engraving

5. If you tell us to go ahead with making your jewellery including any engraving, we will invoice you for the engraving.

6. We will need the payment before the jewellery is sent to you. You will be able to pay online or over the phone.