Buying Guide

How To Choose And Order Your Jewellery

Each piece of jewellery we offer is displayed separately in our online catalogue. Follow these steps:

1. Click on the menus to choose the type of jewellery you want to look at - there are drop down menus in the header or in the left menu of the desktop version of the site or select the STORE button (the one with the shopping cart) in the header of the mobile version or any of the links in the page text that prompt you to go to the jewellery.

2. Select the piece of jewellery you are interested in - on every product page there is information about the piece you are looking at, extra pictures to the left (desktop site) or below (mobile site) and available options for you to choose at the bottom of the page (desktop site) or below the pictures (mobile site). All prices are in GBP £ (Pound Sterling) by default, however you can change currencies by choosing USD $ (United States Dollar), EURO € (European Euro), CAD $ (Canadian Dollar) or AUD $ (Australian Dollar) using the currencies dropdown menu in the left menu of the desktop site or the currencies button in the header of the mobile site. Non default currencies are for information only, may not be exact as they are updated once daily at 11pm GMT and will not include the small fee your payment method charges for conversion to GBP which is the checkout currency.

3. If you want to order:
a. scroll down to the options at the bottom of the product page you are and you will find the following:

Metal - choices of sterling silver, 9ct&18ct yellow gold, 9ct&18ct white gold, 9ct&18ct red gold, platinum or palladium versions of each piece as available

Inclusion Materials

For specific information about your inclusion material(s) please go to these pages
Ashes Into Jewellery Pet Ashes Jewellery, Pet Fur Jewellery, Horse Hair Jewellery Lock of Hair Keepsake Jewellery Breastmilk Jewelry

a) Main Inclusion - the main material(s) for inclusion into your jewellery: Ash-GemTM for ashes (also soil & sand), MamaMilk-GemTM for breast milk, Curl-GemTM for hair/fur in our standard Mats, Lock Of Hair or Full Curl, depending on which item you are buying.
b) Secondary Material - you can mix certain materials in one piece of jewellery - these options are available to choose your secondary inclusions (usually as a backgound for hair/fur). If You only have one inclusion material which you have already chosen in the Main Inclusion menu, simply choose "none" in the secondary menu. If you have two samples of ashes, breastmilk or other (sand/soil etc) or any mixture of the above then choose these as appropriate to help us understand what you require in your jewellery as it helps us to send the right collection pack to you.

Colour tint - choose your colour tint if you would like one or leave it natural. If your inclusion is hair or fur, then you should choose a tint that contrasts well with the colour of the hair/fur - we recommend pearl white for best results with hair/fur but you can have any colour. See here for colour tint information

Gemstone Accent - Some of our Curl-GemTM hair jewellery can accept a gemstone in the centre of your inclusion material which are available here - select "none" if you do not want a gemstone accent. See here for Curl-GemTM Full Curl gemstone accents

Ring Size - (rings only) choose your ring size - don't forget the half size button below the dropdown menu if you want a half size

Phoenix-GemTM - options if available. See here for Phoenix-GemTM

b. Add you choices to your bag and either select another piece of jewellery to add to the basket or checkout to complete your order by clicking the "checkout" button in the header of the desktop site or the "cart button" in the right of the header of the mobile site.

You will have to create an account before checking out - its a quick process, we do need the information you enter to collect your materials, process your payment, make your jewellery and deliver it back to you.

NB: The price you see at the final checkout page will be in GBP £ as we only accept sterling. Your payment method will convert your currency to GBP - there is usually a small conversion fee for this charged by your payment provider. All other fees for charging your card are borne by us.

What happens when I buy a piece of jewellery?

Once you have purchased your jewellery: if you have purchased online we will send instructions to you by post with a post paid collection pack (UK only - see below for international collection) for sending your material(s) to us; if you have visited us, then we will either give you a pack or help you with your material collection if you have it with you. Its that simple - all you have to do is relax and wait for your beautiful jewellery to arrive or for us to tell you when its ready to collect if you have chosen to collect in person.

How long will it take?

All our jewellery is made here in the UK with British sourced precious metals in our workshop where we employ highly trained goldsmiths. Each piece takes 4-6 weeks (30 working days) to make by hand, using our special process for your material(s), and then to have hallmarked at the London or Sheffield Assay Office where we hold sponsor marks. The clock starts ticking as soon as we receive your material(s). In reality they usually don't take that long, but we are sometimes at the mercy of backlogs at the Assay Office or public holidays and so on. Please note: if you decide to leave ashes or any other material or purchase through one of our partnering funeral directors or crematoria, the process could be up to 15 working days (3 weeks) longer. NB: manufacture times quoted do not include shipping times for getting your materials to us or sending your finished jewellery to you.

If you wish, you can use our helpdesk to contact us at any time to get a progress report. We will however keep you informed at various points during the process which trigger our chain of custody and when your jewellery is posted back to you, and provide you with tracking details.

Your guarantee of quality and diligence

Your jewellery has been designed and made in our workshop from 925 Sterling Silver, gold, platinum or palladium sourced from UK bullion dealers and the highest grade of gemstones available from UK gem dealers, and all the work to secure your gem in the pendant is carried out by our skilled jewellers in our workshop promoting British trade and employment. Even though the some of our pieces' weight is below the legal requirement for hallmarking, we hallmark every piece and the quality of the silver is assured by the London or Sheffield Assay Office with our sponsor mark included, the 925, 375, 750 or 950 stamps for each precious metal purity we use, the London Lion or Sheffield Rose, and British lion of assay quality.

Shipping and postage

UK customers: All postal fees are covered in the price you pay including the cost of sending our collection pack to you, your material to us and the return of your jewellery to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Insured. Any unused material will be returned to you with your jewellery (except milk as it is perishable).

Customers outside the UK:
Ashes, soil, sand, hair, or other non-perishable inclusions: As we do not want to burden you with the cost of postage for our simple collection pack, we will direct you as to the best way to send these materials using a local service following your purchase. You will need to make sure your special reference number (found on your emailed reciept) is quoted on the outside and inside of your package.
Breast Milk: For best results, breast milk needs to be sent in a special way, so we will need to send you our special collection pack for which we charge the cost of the postage only - again, you will need to use a local service to return it to us safely.

There should be no duty applicable on import or export each way, however should duty be charged it is the responsibility of the customer to cover the cost.

The return of your jewellery will be charged for as per the method required by the customer. You will pay for the carriage only at the rates set by the carrier. You may want us to keep your remaindered unused material in case of any loss as we can immediately remake your jewellery for you and resend it without the need for another collection. In the case of breast milk, we will retain a sample for each customer until we are sure you have received your jewellery and are totally satisfied. Any unused material will be returned to you with your jewellery (except milk as it is perishable).

For more information please see our shipping and returns policy

What you need to know about your Artemis jewellery

All our jewellery is designed to be water resistant, but not water tight. We therefore do not recommend wearing your jewellery in the shower, or bath or for swimming or bathing, washing up, etc.

Like all jewellery, we also recommend that you avoid spray perfume of other aerosols on it. Whilst this is unlikely to actually hurt your pendant, it does build up and create a layer of residues which are hard to remove wthout professional cleaning. Should you wish to have your jewellery professionally cleaned, tell the jeweller you use NOT to immerse it in any liquid. For more information you can download our care sheet. If you treat your Artemis jewellery with love and care it will bring you many years of comfort.


As your Artemis jewellery is so precious, we will guarantee parts and workmanship for life. This means that we will replace anything that we supplied to you if it is found to be defective in material quality or workmanship while the company is still trading.