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Using your material to make the Curl-GemTM

Hair is personal, and a unique marker of our DNA, and many of us have mothers who own a lock of hair taken from us after birth. Artemis can encapsulate a mat of hair or pet fur, a lock of hair or a full hair curl bonded to natural rock crystal or white sapphire, and mounted into you choice of keepsake jewellery from all of our range.

Curl-GemTM full curl also offers a choice of natural faceted amethyst, citrine, diamond, emerald, ruby or blue sapphire set centrally within the curl.

It is not limited to humans - we can work with horse hair, cat or dog hair, pet fur ... pretty mcuh any hair of fur you have. We send guides on how you collect materials to you in your pack or by email when you order if you are outside the UK. You can see our jewellery at our high street shop.

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Making the Curl-GemTM

We can make three types of hair/fur inclusions:

1. Mat of hair or fur
Lock Of Hair Keepsake Jewellery Hair Mats

This method is suitable for short fur or hair, and takes the form of bonding the material inclusions straight to the gemstone. There are light mats and heavy mats (shown above) depending on how much hair you have and your requirements. The hair or fur can be set on a background using other materials such as cremation ashes or mother's milk. It can be chosen with all of our jewellery ranges and any of our 12 signature colour tints, but we recommend that the backgound colour you choose contrasts suitably to the colour of the hair/fur provided (see the FAQs HERE).

2. Lock of hair
Lock Of Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Lock of hair requires at least 2 inches of hair for best results (see the FAQs HERE). We can arrange a lock of hair into various shapes depending on the piece of jewellery you choose. Our standard shapes are "Crescent", "Waterfall" (shown left) and "Stripe" of hair (shown above), which can be used in all our jewellery. Larger pendant can hold more complex patterns (please contact us about bespoke patterns). Again, it can be mixed with other inclusions and can be chosen with all of our jewellery in any of our signature colours.

3. Full Curl
Lock Of Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Our Curl-GemTM full curl, shown left, above and below in the colour section, is for longer pieces of hair (minimum 3-4 inches long) and takes the form of a curl of hair bonded to rock crystal. It can only be ordered in certain pieces of jewellery which are large enough to carry it. Usually it is best on a solid background colour suitably contrasting with the colour of hair provided. Full curl can also incorporate a single natural faceted gemstone: amethyst, citrine, diamond, emerald, ruby or blue sapphire set centrally within the curl. See below for details.

How to choose your Curl-GemTM

The backgrounds for the Curl-Gem come in 12 colour tints

Curl-Gem Hair and Fur Colour Tints

Simply choose which type of Curl-GemTM you want (Mat, Lock or Full Curl) and your favourite colour, or the colour of your loved one's birthstone as a background for the hair (we reccomend that teh colour you choose contrasts suitably with the colour of the hair sample. If you are unsure, pearl white works best.

There are many different birthstone charts, traditional, ancient, modern, zodiac, astrological, etc that allow for different stones to be chosen. We have compiled a table of the most common for you in our colour tints page

Cremation Ashes Jewellery Colour Tints
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Artemis Curl-GemTM Full Hair Curl
The full hair curl, shown below on a pearl white background, can be chosen in any of our 12 signature background colours above with certain pendants which are large enough to encapsulate the curl. The smallest pendant that can be chosen for the full curl is our Classic 14mm Round pendant.

The full curl can be accented with a choice of six high quality natural faceted gemstones which add a sparkle to your keepsake in colours which encompass the full compliment of birthstones as follows:

Amethyst (purple)
Citrine (yellow)
Diamond (white)
Emerald (deep green)
Ruby (red)
Sapphire (deep blue)

Hair Curl Colour Tints

Each faceted gemstone is approximately 1.2-1.4mm in diameter and has an approximate carat weight of 0.01ct.

Simply shoose your favorite colour or the birthstone colour from the chart below

You can request other coloured gemstones and larger sizes as bespoke orders - please contact us

Prices start from £25


All our jewellery can be made with any British hallmark standard precious metal. You can choose your metal: sterling silver, 9ct gold (yellow, white and red), 18ct gold (yellow, white and red) or platinum and your Ash-Gem tint colour from the dropdown menus when you order your jewellery

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Phoenix-GemTM Insets

With Phoenix-Gem insets, you can choose a pattern or picture which allows you to partially see the bonded material, say cremation ashes, which can still be tinted to the colours we have shown above. This gives the effect of a picture in a frame in the pendant.

Currently we have three pendants, our 20mm Classic Round, Portrait Oval and Cameo Oval pendants that can accept Phoenix-Gem insets, but we are working on other pieces specifically for Phoenix-Gem.

Click the image and move your finger left to right to rotate

When you order one of our Phoenix-GemTM pendants, you will be directed to the options you can choose for the insets.

Read more about Phoenix-Gem here



Our jewellery can also be engraved by machine or by hand. See the information page by clicking the picture link below


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