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Artemis Phoenix-GemTM

With our Phoenix-Gem insets, you can choose a pattern or picture which allows you to partially see your bonded material, say ash, of your Ash-Gem. This give the effect of a picture in a frame in the pendant for a more contemporary locket style look to your pendant

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How we make our pendants

Phoenix-Gem Cremation Ash Pendant

Our Aurora And Classic Round Pendants
With Phoenix-Gem Insets

Artemis makes memorial jewelley with the design and quality you would expect from a mainstream jewellery designer.

We have developed the concept: a pendant, charm, ring or earrings made from any precious metal in Britain, and hallmarked as such, which encases cremation ashes, soil, sand or even hair and fur bonded to a layer of finest natural gemstone (rock crystal or white sapphire as standard). We can tint the material with mineral colour pigments creating a palette of tints (cremation ash, soil, sand - hair/fur is not recommended for tinting), and we call this the "Ash-GemTM".

We then found we could bond the Ash-Gem with other materials such as metal and created special insets which either partially or wholy obscure the Ash-Gem for a unique effect. These we call "Phoenix-GemTM".

We are building a library of standard Phoenix-Gem insets which will grow as we add insets, hopefully with your help.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a Phoenix-Gem inset? Jewellery that can use Phoenix-Gem will have options to choose our standard range or tell us that you are interested in a certain type of inset

Does it mean that you can see the material I want to send you? Yes, you can still see the material or if you don't want to, we can make you an inset that completely obscures the material

Can I have my own design? Yes, we can make a bespoke design for you - its probably best to discuss this with us and get a quote before ordering

What is Phoenix-GemTM. We have developed a way of bonding the materials to metals too and some of our pendants can accept our Phoenix-Gem insets within them. At the moment we have three pendants, our 20mm Classic Round, Portrait Oval and Cameo Oval pendants that we can inset Phoenix-Gem into, but we are working on other pieces specifically for Phoenix-Gem and other materials we can bond to inset in our Phoenix-Gem pendants

With Phoenix-Gem insets, you can choose a pattern or picture which allows you to partially see the bonded material allowing it to become part of the design. We can still tint your material to the 12 colours that make up birthstones or your favourite colour. This give the effect of a picture in a frame in the pendant made unique by the individual mosaic that each sample creates in the Ash-Gem.

When you order one of our Phoenix-GemTM pendants, you will be directed to the options you can choose for the insets. Below are a selection of insets we have made for inclusion in Phoenix-Gem Pendants

Phoenix-Gem Cremation Ash Pendant Insets
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Choosing Your Phoenix-GemTM Insets

Cremation Ash Pendant Phoenix-Gem Insets

For the pendants that can accept Phoenix-Gem insets, the 20mm Classic Round Pendant, The Aurora Cameo Pendant (above right) and the Aurora Portrait Pendant (above left); prices start from £79.

All of those pendants are available in 925 sterling silver or any colour of 9ct gold (yellow, white or red gold). We have the ability to plate the solid silver insets with any colour of gold which can be used to match the pendant you choose, or to add to your silver pendant for a bi-colour effect.

below is the informatiuon that is on every pendant's order page that can accept Phoenix-Gem insets.

Phoenix-Gem Cremation Ash Pendant Insets